Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pumkin Trellis Garden

   Trellises save space when you have no room in the garden.
   The pumpkins keeps growing bigger and bigger.

Compost Tea 9

   Start your garden revolution at home by making compost tea.

Compost Tea 8

    Brewing tea from a bag filled with compost.

Compost Tea 7

   Spray the pumpkin vine with the tea every 2 weeks.

Compost Tea 6

    Compost tea is used on the ground and the plants.

Compost Tea 5

   The sprayer works the best.

Compost Tea 4

   Different way to use the tea.

Compost Tea 3

   Using the tea in spray from on plants.

Compost Tea 2

   Showing how to used the tea.

Compost Tea 1

   You need a small amount of items to start.

Compost Tea

   Compost tea is the best fertilizer you can make.

Stinging Nettle

   The stinging nettle might end up in your lettuce mix.

Bad Lettuce

   The hot weather makes the lettuce bolt.

Omar's Lebanese

Bull Heart


Big Mama

Pink Ox Heart

Italian Pear


San Mazano Gigante 3

Pantano Romanesco


Little Mama

Goldman's Italaian

Big Mama Tomatoes

Roma Tomaotoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes


1st Tomato Harvest

   Heirloom tomatoes come in many different varieties. Most of the tomatoes are Italian Heirlooms.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Tomato Garden tomatoes

    The tomatoes are starting to grow it's a good year!

The Tomatoe Garden Heat Protection

   When the day are over 100 f in the summer time. I put up the knitted shade cloth preventing sun damage and reduce soil temp.

The Tomatoe Garden Frost Protection

   The cages make it easy to protect plants from frost. Your plants die off at 35 f and will kill flowers. The frost fabric can go down to 24 f good way to protect plants.

The Tomatoe Garden Growing Up

   The tomato garden is 7 weeks old flowers are growing. The cool days make the plants grow slower.

The Tomatoe Garden Growing

   The tomato garden has been growing for 3 weeks looks good.

The Tomatoe Garden Cages Set

   With cages tomatoes grow without staking or tying. You have fewer diseases and cleaner tomatoes.

The Tomatoe Garden Cages

   The cages support big towering tomato plants keeping them upright.

The Tomatoe Garden

   The tomato garden is born! Many different heirloom plants will give a big variety.

Transplant tomatoes

    After transplanting tomatoes plants in to 1gal. pot let them grow for 3 weeks.Then time to plant them in the ground.

Tomatoes From Seed

   The seeds are grown in starter soil. When they are root bound it is time to transplant.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Planting tomato plants

   I show how to make it fast and simple. I'm planting climbing varieties and coleus from cuttings.,

Red Mulch

   The red mulching film is plastic and keeps out weeds . The red  mulch gives you 12 to 20% more tomatoes and keep out insets from your soil.

White Mulch

   White mulch keep soil cool and keep weeds out.Good for cold loving plants or hot days of summer.

Soaker Hose

   Two soaker hoses are laid down in the bed.Water goes on when soil is dry.

True Grit Soil Watering

   Water soil for 30 min. make it wet.

True Grit Raking

   Add old ground up peanuts no salt.

True Grit Soil Raking

   Rake all soil over then add alfalfa meal,bat guano,green sand and kelp meal.

True Grit Soil

   On top of the soil I put crushed oyster shells,bone meal,blood meal and garden lime.

Tamping The Soil

   Tamping the soil and making different layers before planting.

Double-Digging Last Step

   Water the soil for 20 give it some hold to it.

Double-Digging soil

   Rake in wood ashes and more compost.


   I dug out the hole bed and raked it over.

Double-Dig and Double-Dig

   Compost goes in, then dig a new hole right next to the old hole. Then put the soil over compost. Making a new hole.


   Dig down to sub soil and put it of to the side.

Planting Tomatoe Garden

   Starting a garden of tomatoes.