Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pumpkin Flower with Bee

   You need both flowers male and female to grow pumpkins. Cut and keep some flowers so you can self pollinate when needed to. The Bees pollinate the flowers for us but when not around you have to be the Bee.

Pumpkins On Trellis Hang Time Hanging

   Pumpkins can be cured by leaving them about a week in the field.

Pumpkins On Trellis Eats

  They need all the food you can give them like Compost Tea, Fish and Sea Fertilizers.

Old Man Pumpkin

   You can tell a pumpkin is ripe by the stem started to dry and the skin begins to harden. Hanging Pumpkins have strong stems making them long and strait.

Top Hanging Pumpkins

   The pumpkins wear on the top but the wind blow them off.

Pumpkins On Trellis Is Over

   The pumpkin is 200 days old making it time to harvest. When the vine dies the pumpkins cry.

Pumpkins On Trellis Hang Time

   More air circulation means fewer disease and pest.

Pumpkins On Trellis Hang

   The pumpkin hang off the ground

Pumpkins On Trellis Clime

   The pumpkins like to growe at the edge of the trellis on top.

Teen Pumpkin

   The pumpkin is about 90 days old making it a teenager in age.

Baby Pumpkin

   The pumpkins are growing after 60 days.

Pumpkins On Trellis

   The plants are 90 days old.

Sugar Snap Peas

   Pick your peas fresh and make pea soup.

Peas Harvest

   Sugar snap peas are sweet and you can eat the pods.

Squash Flower

  The Female flower will sometimes appear before male flowers.

Harvest Summer Squash

   The squash harvest is in, time for the next one to begin.

Squash Harvesting

   You should wear protection when harvesting squash.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Garlic Harvest 4

Garlic Harvest 3

Garlic Harvest 2

Garlic Harvest 1

Garlic Harvest

Beetroots Mammoth Red Mangal


Mammoth Red Mangel

25 lbs Mammoth Red Mangal Beet

25 lbs Beetroot

Big 25 lbs Beetroot

Recycle Charcoal


Fish Bruchetta 16

Fish Bruchetta 15

Fish Bruchetta 14

Fish Bruchetta 13

Fish Bruchetta 12

Fish Bruchetta 11

Fish Bruchetta 10

Fish Bruchetta 9

Fish Bruchetta 8

Fish Bruchetta 7

Fish Bruchetta 6

Fish Bruchetta 5

Fish Bruchetta 4

Fish Bruchetta 3

Fish Bruchetta 2

Fish Bruchetta 1

   Starting with the sides.

Fish Bruchetta