Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

BBQ cook-out 11

BBQ cook-out 10 1/2

BBQ cook-out 10

BBQ cook-out 9

BBQ cook-out 8

BBQ cook-out 7

BBQ cook-out 6

BBQ cook-out 5

BBQ cook-out 4

BBQ cook-out 3

BBQ cook-out 2

BBQ cook-out 1

BBQ cook-out

Top End Lettuce head

   Top end lettuce head was harvested by cutting off entire plant.

Heirloom Lettuce

   One of the best lettuce heads in the garden this year.

Batavian full heart

   I like this Endive it was sweet , good and not biter.


   Batavian full heart is tasty salad plant it's also AAS Winner 1934.

Harvest Biter lettuce

   Take the biter out of your lettuce.

Lettuce Cleaning

   Cleaning lettuce

Fava Bean Harvesting

   Fava beans are grow in cool soils.Harvest the beans in late spring or when pods are plump.

Winged Compost

   Two tools used to mix up compost . Auger goes to the bottom of compost Heep and pulling it loosens the black gold.

Mammoth Red Mangel Beet

   I could win a  blue-ribbon or a First Prize with this one.

Beet 25 lbs

   Mammoth Red Mangel Beet is 25 lbs the biggest beet  I ever grew. The seeds came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in Mansfield.MO

Composter 2nd stage mixing

   Mixing compost makes best black gold

composting 2nd stage

Compost different items two make black gold.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Composter Smells

   If your composter smells need two add more dried mater like hay,straw or leaf mold.


   Composting is the best way to make black gold for your garden. Ceramic container is a good way to bring out your kitchen scraps and into the composter. Rotate composter every day for fast compost heap- heat up and it will get hot.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

harvest pumpkins trellises

All types of pumpkins grow on trellises.

harvest pumpkins trellisess

   Harvesting pumpkins off trellises leads to many pies to come.

Trellis squashes

 Trellis squash also grow great when you trellis then up. Here are some I grew a True Green Hubbard,Spumpkins, Queensland White, White pumpkin,Hubbard and Chirimen.

Trellis pumpkins

  Trellis pumpkin have so many benefit's then pumpkins grown on the ground. No pest, No bugs and No rot from wet ground.

Pumpkin custurd 22

   I am blogger baker baking in blogger bake out. You can eat the pumpkin custard hot or cold with chocolate syrup or whipped  light cream.  Thank you for looking at my blog.        

Pumpkin custurd 21

  Preheat grill to 325 degrees F and cook for 1 hour or until done. You can use the oven if you don't have a Grill.

Pumpkin custurd 20

Add Cinnamon to top for good looks just a very small amount.

Pumpkin custurd 19

Add pumpkin mixture to container's by using a big spoon and towel.

Pumpkin custurd 18

   Add containers to a baking pan. Then pore 2 cups of hot water in bottom of baking pan.

Pumpkin custurd 17

   Completely blended it is time to move on to next step.

Pumpkin custurd 16

   Using hand blender,blend until very smooth about 3 minuets.

Pumpkin custurd 15

  Put together all ingredients and pumpkin flesh in the bowl.

Pumpkin custurd 14

  Take out all pumpkin seeds, you can eat them if your hungry. Then remove all skin just leaving the flesh.

Pumpkin custurd 13

   Cut pumpkin in half let cool down.

Pumpkin custurd 12

   The pumpkin has been cooking for 1 1/2 hours in the oven. You can see the sugars coming out. The best way to cook pumpkins is this way.

Pumpkin custurd 11

Add all ingredients in a bowl. Then pour slowly in hot almond milk and beat at same time. This tempers the eggs so they don't tern in to an omelet.

Pumpkin custurd 10

  Peel the Ginger then grad it on a micro grader.

Pumpkin custurd 9

      Start by cutting off the end of the sugar cane ,then cut off the sides leaving the center. Cut the center of the sugar cane off and put it in to garlic press. The  syrup should flow out and in to 1 teaspoon giving the right amount.

Pumpkin custurd 8

  Heat pan and add Almond Milk Vanilla untill you see it boiling.

Pumpkin custurd 7

   Cut in half vannilla bean and scrape out center where the goodness is.

Pumpkin custurd 6

   Rest of ingredients are Cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon,fresh Vanilla Bean, Celtic Sea Salt and fresh Geiger.

Pumpkin custurd 5

   Ingredients are Almond Milk Vanilla 1 cup, fresh sugar cane,Agave Nectar3/4 cup,Honey 1 tablespoon,Maple Syrup 2 tablespoons,Nutmeg 1/8 teaspoons,Cardamom 1/16 teaspoon,3eggs.

Pumpkin custurd 4

Just put it on a Cooke sheet and in hot oven.

Pumpkin custurd 3

    After you poke all the holes in your pumpkin,perheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Pumpkin custurd 2

Start by poking holes in your pumpkin and going around it.

Pumpkin custurd 1

   The Queesland Green will be used in this reipe to make pumpkin custard.

Pumpkin Trellis

     To save room in the garden, I grow pumpkins on trellises. I get bumper crop of pie pumpkins every year so far. The pumpkin in my hands is called Queensland Green,I have a recipe for this one.

Watering cam 4

    Going through the tomatoe gardens with Water cam and filling up AquaCons. Fill the top a 1 or 2-liter bottle and ApuaCons are attached to the bottom.Watering deep roots keeps plants healthier. You need them when the summer heat comes.

Watering cam 3

Watering cam going throw the garden. I got tangled up lost my way.

Watering cam 2

   For viewers who don't have a garden of there own or just like watching plants being watered.

Watering cam

  Watering cam looking at lettuce garden and peas. In the back ground is eggplants and summer squash.

Cabbage In Garden

   Ready to harvest cabbage from the garden. The one I hold up is a rare variety of cabbage called Couer De Boenf Des Vertus.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dutch Oven Cook Out

   Here is how we end the day,with a Dutch Oven Cook Out.On the bottom is a chilly Verde stew,a peach crisp and on top is corn bread.

Mache time is over

    The mache bolted faster then excepted,leaving it uneatable.It got to hot to faster for the lamb's lettuce.

Garlic is ready

  Garlic is ready when the bottom leaves turn yellow.Some growers what until plant dies off.

Bolting lettuce

   In this razed bed of lettuce,I show what happens when lettuce heads bolt in late spring.The head becomes a flower making it bad to eat.Trim those heads before its to late!

Monday, May 9, 2011

lettuce hill

   Over 10 varieties of lettuce are found on the hill.This method is done by over planting of the hill.Everyday you come back to pick some out. The hill is surrounded by rabbit fence to keep them out.Tomatoes cages with wall-of water are in fount.

cherry tomatoes

   Harvesting cherry tomatoes is so mush fun ! you end up eating more then you pick.The plants will germinate  under most conditions.Super yields may be possible when growing good crop of cherry tomatoes.On top are Chocolate Cherry,Rutgers(not a cherry),Black Cherry,Sun gold and supper sweet 100.

heirloom tomatoes

    These tomatoes taste better then store bought one. Ripened on vine and picked at perfection.On top is Aunt Ruby's German Green,Kellogg's Breakfast,on bottom Japanese Trifele Black,San Marzano(green),and OX hart.Grown with organic soil and in raised beds.The Kellogg Breakfast has a hole made from a Hornworm.

micro lettuce

Micro lettuce good for all types of meals.Grown from seed with natural fertilizers and floating row cover for protection. This lettuce is mainly used for different salads.