Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Smoked Tomatoes

  The tomatoes are seasoned with Italian Herbs,roasted garlic ,black pepper,minced garlic,onions and agave nectar. Roast in BBQ for 2 hours on low and add some smoking wood to Briquettes.

Baked Tomatoes

   Baked tomatoes are seasoned with black pepper,granulate garlic,Cyprus flake    salt,cumin,basil,oregano,thyme,olive oil,agave sweetener and minced onions. Bake in Oven at 325*F for 1 hour. This way your tomatoes come up even better tasting. Now make your sauces or jar them for next year.

Pressure Cooking Tomatoes

   Pressure cook the jar for 10 minutes at 5 lbs.

Making tomatoe base

   Take the tomatoes and cook them for 3 hours. Them your ready to use in many types of sauces. I will Can my tomatoes so I could eat them next year. Add 1/2 teaspoon salt per pint.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Perep Tomatoes

After Taking off all the skins of the tomatoes cut them in half. Then remove all seeds and if you can't it is O.K.

Peal Tomaoes

   After taking out the hot tomatoes from cold bath you start to peal them. Hot Tomatoes! You will haler in pain.

Hot Bath Tomatoes

   The tomatoes are lowered in the hot water and sit for 1min. If thay crack open time to get them out! You can shook them by pouring cold water over them. Making the tomatoes nice to peal.

Tomatoes Need Cleaning

   All tomatoes need the green stem pulled off before hot water bath.

Sun Dry Perep.2

   Clean all jars and lids then sanitize in hot water. Place the sun dried tomatoes in the hot jars. Pour in hot olive oil in 220*-240*F,the tomatoes will cook little more. If the oil clouds up ,let it sit for a week and oil becomes clear. To many olive particles in the oil make it cloud up.

Sun Dry Perep.1

   The tomatoes are ready in 4 days of sun baking. If the days are cool you must can them in hot oil.

Solar Oven

   A solar oven is used to cook the tomatoes on cooler days.

Sun Dry Perep.

   The tomatoes need to have air flow on top and bottum.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spice and True Flavor

   Spice and true flavor is the only way to make a good sun dry tomatoes.

Eating off the Vine

   The best tasting tomatoes are vine ripen ones.More sugars are present in the make-up of the tomato.

Tomatoes Fall Over

   The end of Summer and the cooling of Winter means it time to Harvest.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011